Advances in technology and a higher internet penetration has made things easier and convenient for both businesses and individuals. However, this has brought with it the risk of cyber-attacks orchestrated by hackers.

Essentially, a hacker can be defined as a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data with the sole aim of committing a crime. As such, it is important for both individuals and businesses to protect themselves from attacks which can lead to massive losses.

Nowadays, mobile phones have become mini computers which has seen a lot of people use them to conduct a lot of their businesses transactions. Banking apps and internet banking has seen one being able to do banking from the comfort of the homes thus bringing about the aspect of convenience which everybody loves. However, with this convenience comes the risk that one’s phone can be hacked, and your credentials used to wipe out your bank accounts.

As such, it is important that whichever phone one is using is secure to avoid incidences where hackers can exploit loopholes in its operating system to gain access. This can be ensured through regular security updates on your phone which are meant to fix any bug or loopholes. Therefore, it is important to always run the updates be it on your phone or laptop so that your operating system is always on top of things when it comes to matters security. For some reason, these updates especially on laptops always come up when you have something important to do but nevertheless, it is less of a hassle to wait for the update to run than trying to recover a hacked phone/laptop.

When it comes phones, HMD Global makers of the Nokia phones bring one of the most secure Android experiences to the mobile market by delivering regular software and security updates that ensure peace of mind for the customers.

As a matter of fact, according to Counterpoint Research white paper for the year 2020 Nokia is leading in the frequency of security updates for Android phones. The statement reads as follows, “For the second year in a row, Nokia phones have topped our rankings in providing the most comprehensive software and security updates and it has the highest share of portfolio recommended for enterprise use. The performance of Nokia phones continues to be a competitive advantage over the rest of the smartphone brands in the Android ecosystem. 98% of Android smartphone brands still offer inconsistent software and security updates or none at all.”

When making a purchase decision when buying a phone, a lot of consideration goes into things like storage, cameras, screen size among others. However, as we have seen phone security is also important in as much as it is often overlooked. So if you are looking for a phone that is always secure look no further than Nokia for peace of mind.