Startup Guide and SAP have announced that they will be hosting an online event to celebrate the launch of the Startup Guide Nairobi book. The Startup Nairobi book will help investors and other stakeholders get a clear picture of the Kenyan startup scene.

The online event will bring together key representatives from Nairobi’s startup ecosystems to celebrate the recent release of Startup Guide Nairobi on 28th January.

Startup Guide books help entrepreneurs navigate startup hubs across the globe. Known as the Silicon Savannah, Nairobi is globally recognized as a major tech capital and a leader in mobile technology. Over the past decade, a strong ecosystem has developed in this city, with innovation in mobile payments, logistics, ecommerce, health and blockchain leading the way. Startup Guide Nairobi will provide practical resources, expert insights and inspiring stories of impact-driven startups using tech for social and environmental good.

Startup Guide founder and CEO Sissel Hansen said in a statement, “Nairobi is a major tech hub and many of the startups here are working on solutions to important global problems. I’m excited to share their stories with a global audience through the launch of Startup Guide Nairobi.”

The virtual event will see representatives from the Nairobi County government and SAP join Sissel Hansen and local key players to discuss how the community can enable and support Nairobi’s startup ecosystem for success. This will be a great opportunity to learn about Nairobi’s current startup environment and the city’s potential to attract new entrepreneurs.

The Startup Nairobi book will be available for sale at €20 for the physical book and €10 for the Ebook. When you purchase a paperback version of the book, you also receive the digital version in your inbox.