It seems like every time you turn on the news, there was something about a robbery either in a home or a business. With many people falling into tough times due to the coronavirus pandemic, there’s been an alarming number of robberies happening in the country.This trend is expected to continue till such a time when the economy improves.

The most shocking was when a flat was raided by a gang of thieves and fifty families living in that building were robbed. i mean, one can understand one or two houses being robbed but 50 was a bit too much. Truth be told, these cases could significantly reduce by taking a few precautionary measures to secure your home.

Here are some ways you can burglar-proof your home.

1. Reinforce The Doors And Windows

It might cost you a little extra to add more reinforcement to your doors and windows but in the long run, it will save you from robberies. You can start by replacing the flimsy door with a sturdier one. If not, ensure that the hardware on the existing door is properly installed with good quality screws and hinges. This makes it harder for a burglar to break in.

2. Use Motion Sensing Lights

Whether you live in a rental apartment or a house with a compound, motion-sensing lights are important in keeping a burglar away. Place one both outside and inside your home in case, the burglar manages to make their way inside. This should alert you that there’s someone in your house which should also scare them.

3. Get A Dog

Traditionally, dogs were kept to alert homeowners of an intruder. This is still an effective way to keep your home safe from burglars. You can get a trained dog if you need top-notch security. However, any dog will bark at the sight of a stranger thus alerting you of an intruder. There are certain breeds that are good alert dogs such as German Shepherd.

4. Keep Your Windows Closed

Whenever you leave the house or go to bed, ensure that your windows are closed. Windows are easy access points and burglars may take advantage of open windows to take anything within reach or break into the house. Additionally, ensure that your windows cannot be easily opened from outside. You can add an extra lock to maximize safety.

5. Move To A Safer Neighbourhood

The best way to avoid run-ins with robbers is to move to a safer neighbourhood. When you go house hunting, make safety your priority. Check whether the building has working CCTVs and an effective security system. Additionally, avoid areas that are known to have security issues as this increases the risk of being robbed.

6. Alert Someone When You Leave For Long

When you leave your house for a long period, ensure you alert someone you trust and ask them to drop in a few times to make sure everything is in order. Burglars normally target houses with the least activity. Therefore, they may notice your absence if there’s no activity in your house. You can even have someone spend the night while you’re away.

7. Avoid Inviting Strangers In Your Home

Whether they claim to be your neighbors or get a hook up in the club, you should exercise caution when inviting people to your house. This is one of the common ways people get robbed in the country as the very people could be scouting for things to take from your house or might even drag you and rob you. Before inviting someone in, make sure you can confirm exactly where they’re from.

8. Install An Alarm System

Just like the motion-sensing lights, an alarm will go off when someone tries to enter the house after it has been activated. This will likely scare any potential intruder thus saving you from a robbery. Additionally, it will alert security personnel of the threat making them come to your aid.