Starting a business is a good way to escape poverty and become your own boss. As
unemployment rate soars due to the current pandemic, most people are looking to venture into businesses as a source of income. However, for those who are starting off in life or didn’t have a well-paying job previously, raising capital can be a problem. While many business ideas require a significant investment, there are some you can start some with little to no capital. Here are some business ideas to start if you’re pressed for cash.

1. Vlogging

Vlogging costs almost nothing to start and one can make lots of money depending on your content. Since YouTube is free and most people have a decent camera phone, you might not even have to spend a shilling. All you have to do is look for a niche that’s not as common but marketable. Additionally, you can offer your professional skills through YouTube and get paying customers.

2. Influencer

If you have a significant online presence, you can turn it into a well-paying business by
partnering with big brands. Even small businesses need an online presence. Most companies are capitalizing on the power of social media to grow their audience. Therefore, they’re likely to give you a chance if you have something to offer.

3. Day Care

If you have knowledge in early childhood development or just a passion for working with kids, think of offering your services to busy parents. Some people can’t afford a full-time nanny and while others are looking to wean their children as soon as possible. Starting a day care can be a good business idea in this environment. The good thing is that you can even start one in your house therefore you don’t have to rent another space.

4. Jewelry Making

This business call for more talent than capital. Jewelry materials like brass, strings and bead are
relatively inexpensive making this an ideal business idea if you’re limited money-wise. Additionally, with so many platforms for such businesses, this can be quite lucrative.

5. Groceries Delivery

We all know the current generation of adults doesn’t like going to the market to shop for
groceries. To mitigate this, you can start a groceries delivery service in your neighborhood. If you can get enough clients on board, you are good to go. Initially, one can use say a bike to do the deliveries or have a Boda guy to do the deliveries for you before you save up enough to buy your own motorcycle.

6. Clothes Making

As the government encourages Kenyans to wear more locally made clothes, this is promising to be a lucrative business. The good thing is that, one does not have to be a skilled tailor but just have an eye for fashion because you can always look for a skilled seamstress to do the work for you as you source business.

7. Tutoring

Tutoring is a lucrative business idea that requires very little capital to start. If you excelled in a
specific subject in school, you can either offer private lessons or organize group learning for kids since schools will remain closed for the rest of the year.

8. Food Vendor

Selling food is a fairly inexpensive business venture with good returns. You can capitalize on
making popular homemade food. If you know how to prepare Coast dishes, the better. These
types of food are on high demand and there aren’t enough people selling them.

9. Moving Business

In this busy city, there’s always someone who needs help moving bulky items around. You can
offer affordable moving services by investing in a hand-cart. Additionally, hiring someone to
operate the hand-cart is fairly cheap. Depending on your clientele, you can also strike a deal with a lorry owner where you source for the moving business and he provides the transport and you can then decide how to split the profits.

10. Photography

There’s a growing need for professional photographers as Instagram and other social media
platforms turn into business ventures. Therefore, if you’re passionate about photography, this can be an ideal business idea. All you need to start a photography business is a decent camera that costs around Ksh 30,000.