Farmers involved in poultry and dairy production industry recently attended an educational seminar organized by Cargill in Nairobi. With the aim of creating and increasing awareness on issues such as farm management, live-stock productivity and well-being as the key subject of discussion

The seminar sought to enlighten the farmers more on animal health, nutrition and management. The information garnered there should see that the farmers are able to increase their farm produce through well thought out appropriate practices recommended for animals.

Among the many purposes of the seminar, a more intentional one was to create awareness by educating feed millers and farmers through a holistic approach to improve their feed mills and farms. Educating the farmers on how they could enhance safety in their feed mills, the importance of a healthy gut in poultry and ruminants to maximize performance. The farmers were able to raise a number of challenges that they face and Cargill was open to providing reasonable solutions so as to their improve safety and how to help customers with various issues.

Samantha Govender, Regional Director of Cargill Premix and Nutrition, Sub Saharan Africa said. “Our team of experts provided helpful practices and nutritional solutions that help our customers advance in the areas of well being and performance so that their livestock thrive. This sustainable approach in turn helps grow their operations in the context of agriculture being key to the economy.”

The seminar was attended by top experts from Cargill who engaged the farmers and opened their eyes to more and better ways in which they can increase their produce and scale up their farming businesses. The experts addressed some of the challenges the farmers face and raised meaningful solutions.

Cargill’s animal nutrition business, which has been in operation in Kenya since 2015, works in close collaboration with Cargill’s grain and oil seeds business.