Cargill, an agri-tech company, has announced that its Diamond V probiotics brand, Provimi, will now be exclusively available in Southern Africa through its Provimi animal nutrition brand. The move is aimed at improving services for farmers looking for natural alternatives to improve animal well-being and food safety.

With the Provimi brand as the sole distributor, farmers can now receive Diamond V postbiotics in different formats such as in premix or basemix at the required inclusion rate or purchased as stand-alone products. Previously, Diamond V products were only sold as part of a premix or basemix animal feed.

Commenting on the new market move, Alwyn Barnard, Commercial Director of Provimi SSA said, “We are excited about this shift as customers will now also have access to several key areas that differentiate Cargill’s animal feed solutions. This includes digital technologies, innovation, nutrient knowledge and testing facilities. They will also benefit from Cargill’s dedicated production, supply chain, customer services, sales, and technical teams, both locally and globally.”

Customers in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia will now have better access to the company’s complete portfolio of the Diamond V postbiotic. In other African countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana and the Seychelles, the Diamond V brand will continue to be sold as an ingredient in Provimi premix and basemix solutions that are supplied to these countries.

“Cargill’s strong network of species-specific world-class experts will continue to provide on-farm technical consultation to optimize production,” added Barnard.

Diamond V’s XPC range of natural fermentation-based postbiotics comprises functional metabolites, such as organic acids, antioxidants, nucleotides, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. It is available in two ranges, the XPC standard for low inclusion mixing or XPC Ultra, which has twice the concentration, for compound feed and low inclusion mixing. XPC can be used across all species, from poultry and swine to ruminants and aqua.

The XPC postbiotics will be available from the Provimi brand beginning in August 2021.