When all these looting cases are reported, there is usually a feeling of hopelessness by the general populace. This is because the common mwanachi most often than not feels powerless in the face of the powerful corruption cartels. However, if all citizens joined hands, we can win the fight against this vice because as the Constitution states, “The Power Belongs To The People”!!

Here are some few tips that we can use in the fight;

Sustained Pressure

The powers that be often than not take advantage of the fact that we seem to have very short memories of their misdeeds. We usually make noise for a week and thereafter go on with our lives as if nothing had happened. In as much as surviving in Kenya has become an extreme sport and everyone is looking at how to make the best out of this mess. We need to realize that if it weren’t for corruption, we would not be struggling to raise money for medical bills or school fees in private schools. This is because if all the public services for which we pay taxes actually worked we would not need to hustle so hard to pay for expensive private services. Sustained pressure will ensure that lasting changes are made instead of the usual cosmetic changes to placate the hoi polloi.

Mtu Wetu Syndrome

The default setting for thieves and their cronies is to shout that their communities are being attacked any time they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar. However, when they are stealing, they do it for themselves and their families with the supposed community not benefiting by even an iota. Most often than not, it is their communities which end up suffering due to the theft for example the maize scandal and the recent dam scandal.

These thieves should be left to carry their own crosses. It Is only when they realize that there will be no protection from their communities if caught that they will change their ways. Otherwise we will continue seeing known thieves being elected into leadership where they perpetuate their thievery.

Name and Shame Beneficiaries

In Kenya, we sadly celebrate wealth notwithstanding how it was acquired. Basically, if you are wealthy you are guaranteed of getting away with almost anything!! However, as citizens we need to start naming and shaming the beneficiaries of corruption rather than giving them podiums to display their ill-gotten wealth. Hopefully, the church will one day take a lead on this.

Social ostracization will make these people think twice before they steal. It will also lead to a change in the society as today’s have acquired the get rich quick mentality from these corrupt individuals as they can see there are no consequences to stealing either legally or socially.

Media to report on corruption

Honestly, if it weren’t for the media, we would never have known about most of these corruption scandals. I therefore would like to appreciate the media especially the Nation for taking a frontline position on this. It is my hope that media will continue doing the good work and that they will not be intimidated into silence as the powers that be are wont to do.