Family Bank will now allow its customers to send money from Kenya to China through WeChat. The tech for the service was built by SimbaPay.

Customers will be able to access the new service through Pesapap, app and USSD. Non-customers will be able to use the service via a dedicated M-Pesa PayBill number 261059.

How it works

  1. To send money the person sending needs to have the recipient’s mobile phone number.
  2. The recipients have to be registered on WeChat.
  3. For Family Bank’s customers, they can use the PesaPap digital banking platform. PesaPap is available via an app on Google Play and iOS and via USSD code  *325#.
  4. For non-customers, you can access the service by using MPESA PayBill no. 261059 and including the recipient’s phone number in the Account field.
  5. The recipients will receive the money on WeChat in Chinese Yuan.