Starting a tech business has become all the rage these days. More and more people are coming forward to set up a tech business. It began with creating dynamic and responsive websites, and then came the social media and now environmental technology.

To be honest, this latest revolution is a good thing. There is a lot of work most of us cannot do by ourselves. Hence, a robot which solves our problem is a blessing in disguise.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

House cleaning has never been considered a fun job. Most people who can afford servants have relied on them; others usually do it half-heartedly. Hence, the idea of having a robotic vacuum cleaner, which does all of the work, without the owner’s interference is a revolutionary one.

This revolutionary idea was first introduced by Electrolux in 1996 when it launched the Electrolux Trilobite. A robotic vacuum cleaner, more commonly known as robovac, is an automated robotic vacuum cleaner that is programmed to use its vacuum cleaning system when and where required.

List Of Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Available

The initial prototypes worked well but had minor problems; like colliding with the walls or not cleaning the entire room. However, since the turn of the century, new tech companies have brought better versions of the robotic vacuum cleaners. Some of these are mentioned here;


In 2002, a U.S based technology firm; iRobot, launched its version of robotic vacuum cleaners; Roomba. Roomba was a revolutionary product as it solved some of the main problems encountered by other developers. It has features which allow it to change its direction whenever it comes in close contact with an obstacle. It can also detect uneven surfaces, which prevent it from falling over. The sensors mounted on it can detect dirty spots, which makes it less dependent on humans.

Roomba vacuum cleaners are disc-shaped. They have a large mechanical bumper that can sense an imminent contact, thanks to an omnidirectional infrared sensor mounted on top of it. It has a pair of brushes that rotate in opposite directions so that maximum debris could be picked from the floor. The brushes are followed by a squeegee vacuum that uses airflow to collect fine dust particles. A NiMH battery powers the Roomba which can be charged from a regular wall powered adapter. The latest Roomba 980 is the most efficient of all models and comes with a Wi-Fi connection.


The Neato robovac is another top ranking vacuum cleaner. Its features make it the legitimate competitor of Roomba. This unique product has a laser range finder installed in it helps it to travel in straight lines instead of the zigzags of Roomba. It has a room mapping system which allows it to map the whole floor. This prevents it from falling off stairs.

The Neato Botvac line is the newer version and has several features. The Neato Botvac-D7 has a smart laser technology, which allows it to avoid No-Go lines, as instructed by the user. It also has a 120-minute battery life, which enables it to clean multiple floors.

Much has been written about the Neato, in the article on the site in the battle between Neato and Roomba, the choice is obvious, although I would argue with this statement. The Neato Botovac D7 is a unique robovac with a feature that beat the Roomba. Most users have so far praised its quality of work.

3. DYSON 360 EYE

Considering that most people cannot afford to buy an expensive product like Roomba or Neato, some companies have produced cheaper robovacs. The Dyson-360 is specifically designed for those people who want a high-quality product within their tight budget. It has a systematic navigation system, which allows it to map the entire home.

The Dyson has an outstanding cleaning system which allows it to do the job well. Dyson 360 Eye gets its name from the camera installed on top of it. This camera lets it see where it is going and change its directions, in case there is an obstacle.

The Dyson 360 is smaller, but taller, which allows it to move fit through any surface. Its tank tracks add to its maneuverability and allow it to clean floors, as well as rugs and carpets. Though, for larger floor plans, it may need to return to its dock for a recharge. A discreet dock allows it to settle back, back without interrupting anybody.

4. Ecovacs Deebot-Slim2

Ecovacs is another budget-friendly option for robovac lovers. The robovac is controlled by an app, which makes it easier for the user to monitor its movements. The excellent set of smart controls, help it to clean dirty spots. Additionally, the low profile design allows it to clean under furniture and corners. For people who have a tight budget, this robotic vacuum cleaner seems to be the best option.

However, it does have some flaws. It is not able to perform well on carpets and rugs. The robovac does not have an extra set of brush that will clean the carpet. You can’t expect a cheap product to give you top quality service. Another one of its flaws is that it does not have an excellent set of sensors, which is why it might collide with any obstacle that comes in its way. However, despite all that, the reason why it is mentioned here is its low cost, which allows it a perfect fit for low budget buyers.


This robovac is an excellent choice. It offers unique features at a mid-range price. It provides the option of programmable No-Go areas on its map. Its high-quality navigation and the low profile design allow it to clean corners and gaps between the furniture. However, it is the inclusion of a mop which makes it stand out.

The Ecovac Deebot-Ozmo 930 comes with a mop, which is supplied with water through a water tank. This allows it to keep user’s floors clean and shiny. Compared to a regular vacuum only product, the Ozmo 930 can clean more dirty areas.

However, despite its solid feature, it also has some negative features. The Ozmo 930 is a good fit for you if you have hard floors. But if you have a carpeted floor, then there is no need for it. On carpets, the robovacs performance is mid-range.


Vorwek is the same company which bought Neato, some time ago. Hence, both of them have a few similar features. You will find the same type of high-quality cleaning in VR200 that you will see in Neato. Though, it comes with a few changes. The VR200 does not have an app to control it, and it is controlled entirely through a front panel. This means that the robovac does need human interference. Secondly, it has a small notch, designed to fit a Kobold vacuum cleaner nozzle. This can be used to empty the dust from the robovac.

The VR200 is more expensive than the Neato Botvac connected. Besides, it might have many similarities, but it also has some differences. It lacks support from Alexa and needs to be controlled by on-device controls. Its large footprint makes it hard for the robovac to navigate its way through narrow gaps. It can, therefore, only clean the open surface, not underneath the furniture.


Robotic Vacuum cleaners are the future of house cleaning, They have made life easier for owners. You do not have to monitor them; they can merely clean, once instructed to do so. The robovacs that are connected through Wi-Fi can even be used when you are not home. The robovacs mentioned above are some of the best offered.