Corruption has become so pervasive in our country that one often feels the urge to just pack up and go. However, if we all left who would be left to right the wrongs and simply try to make a change? so we opt to stay put and carry on with the good fight. For the longest time, we have been voting in our tribal lords in the hope that they will make life better for our communities in general. Sadly, since independence, this experiment has failed since as soon as they are in power, they start eating together regardless of tribe or affiliations.

Most people think that corruption just leads to loss of money hence most us are nonchalant, however it affects every sphere of your life. This is because the monies lost could have been utilized to better the lives of the citizens.

Here are some of the effects of corruption;

Poor infrastructure

We can all bear witness to the poor infrastructure in our beloved country. This is mostly portrayed by the poor road networks around the country which has even led to protests. Even the Nairobi has not been left unscathed in this scourge as we have potholes everywhere. Poor infrastructure means that the farmers can’t get their products to the market in time, high maintenance bills for vehicles among others. It is quite telling that  Michael Kamau who was a CS in charge of Transport and Infrastructure is facing corruption charges.

Increased cost of goods and services

When funds are stolen from the national government, it then means that it does not have enough to function. This means that they have to increase taxes on goods and services in order to fill in the shortfall. During the last budget reading, Treasury increased taxes on goods and services like Mpesa, Kerosene which are already hitting the common mwananchi hard by raising the cost of living.

Poor Medical Services

It is often said that; a majority of Kenyans are one illness away from poverty. A major illness in the family is enough to wipe out all your savings and leave you destitute. I remember a time when public hospitals provided quality medical services which were almost free of charge. Nowadays, the hospitals have been so run down due to corruption that most Kenyans have no option but to seek treatment in expensive private hospitals. Due to the fact that many can’t afford the rates, they end up dying due to diseases which could have been treated. Recently Ksh. 5 Billion was stolen from the Health Ministry and no one has been held to account as yet.


I have to say that the youth are the ones who have suffered greatly from this scourge. This happens because the funds which could have otherwise been spent in projects which could have created employment for the youth are pilfered. A case in point is the scandal at the Youth Enterprise Fund which was established so as to provide financing to projects undertaken by the youth. Rather than give funds to the youth the management stole Ksh. 172 Million, imagine what they funds could have done to reduce youth unemployment.

I have to laud the media especially the Daily Nation for always being at the forefront of covering these stories. It is my hope that when people see these stories they will not become desensitized but rather will become angry enough to want to make a change.