Croatia last night beat England in the World Cup semi-finals. Judging by Kenyan Social Media, people here were not supporting England and were instead supporting Croatia.

Here are some of the reasons why.

1. They colonized us

Kenyans are still hurt by the carnage and deaths the British caused so much havoc when they colonized Kenya and we haven’t really recovered. We are probably never going to forgive them.

Kenyans had no love for colonizers.

2. They were arrogant

Kenyans noted how the British, especially their media, were so arrogant and disrespectful and had completely written off Croatia. Modric noted the disrespect in an interview with The Guardian.

3. Everyone loves an underdog

The odds were against Croatia to win seeing as England has a more developed football league and has much a better history with regard to the beautiful game. Croatia, being the underdog in this context, received more support.

4. Croatian President

The Croatian President Grabar-Kitarović’s support of the national football team is very endearing and many Kenyan netizens have noticed and love it. She flew economy class with Croatian fans and additionally she opted to watch the quarter-final match between Croatia and Denmark from the stands instead of the VIP section.

5. They have refused to return our art

Someone rightly noted that the British Museum is like a crime scene because it is filled with artefacts looted and stolen from African countries including Kenya, Ethiopia and Nigeria.

To add salt to injury, they claim that they can only lend us the artefacts and not return them for good. They deserved to lose because of this surely.