I recently got my hands on L’heritier skin and hair products after a recommendation by a friend of mine. L’heritier claims to be a 100% Kenyan, 100% organic luxury skin and hair care line. Here are my thoughts on the products I got to sample.

L’heritier Shea Immortelle Radiance Lotion

With shea butter and jojoba oil as the base ingredients, I found this lotion to be moisturizing without being greasy. I use a lot of natural oils, shea butter being my go-to butter for just about anything from my head to my feet. While I like shea butter, I find it a nuisance when it gets hot because I end up sweating buckets as it melts from my skin.

Another thing I liked about shea immortelle was the extent of natural ingredients they used. From tumeric oil to rosewood and avocado oil, and black seed oil (which I am also a huge fan off), my skin was thoroughly nourished. The base scent is ylang ylang, a floral essential oil which has skin repairing properties.

What I wished was that the quantity was a little more than the 200ml currently on offer. Another thing was that I would have liked that the scent of ylang ylang lingers on my skin throughout the day. Although, if you are big on perfumes and colognes and don’t like your lotion interfering with scent, then the fact that shea immortelle does not linger will be a plus for you.

Cost : Ksh 1,086

Neroli 10-20 Rejuvenating Face Cream

Like the lotion, the face cream was moisturizing without leaving my face feeling like I have a layer of grease on my face(shea butter tends to leave my face feeling like that and I find plain aloe vera gel not very effective at moisturizing my skin especially on hot days).

The base ingredient is geranium which is known to fade out scars and clear out those pesky pimples.  On application, it feels a little tingly, a sensation which soon passes and then you will feel as if your face is being pulled tight, which also passes very quickly.

Neroli essential oil, which is the first scent that you pick up when you smell the cream is was also good at helping fade out some scars that I had from a recent allergic reaction. It’s a bummer that I don’t have some before and after pictures but I will update the article with them as I continue to use it.

The 100ml tub will typically last you about 3 months, that is my estimation based on how much I am using it (twice a day).

Again my only qualm was I wished there was little more on offer than 100ml.

Cost : Ksh 1,530

10-20 Chamomile Calming After Shave

I could rave about this after shave till I go to my grave. I am yet to come by a more effective product that delivers on exactly what it claims on the bottle.

You know that itchy feeling you get after a shave or when your hair starts to grow out into a stubble? Say goodbye to that uncomfortable feeling. The chamomile and peppermint will soothe your skin like nothing else. And the effect is lasting because, even as your hair grows out, those annoying in grown hairs (that also itch like nobody’s business) will be a thing of the past.

The 100ml bottle will last you a while; say about 3 months or longer depending on how often you shave. A little goes a long way with this product so don’t go overboard.

This one gets a 10/10 from me.

Cost :  Ksh. 861

L’heritier Argan Shea Strengthening Conditioner

My hair is one of those ‘problematic’ types. It is coarse and dry and therefore prone to breakage. I managed to find a routine that works for my hair so I was skeptical about putting something new on my hair lest it undo all the work I had put in caring for this mane of mine. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try.

My go to conditioner has been Tresemme line. While it works great for my hair, I had a problem with how it made my hair feel weighed down after use.

The argan shea conditioner gave me the exact same results that Tresemme gave me without leaving it feeling weighed down. The base ingredients are coconut oil, argan oil, brahmi and black seed oil, and shea butter. Argan oil has been used for years to strengthen and moisturize hair.

The 200ml bottle will typically last you about 3-4 washes, depending on the length of your hair. A little goes a long way so there is value for your money.

Cost : Ksh 1,086

Nigella Shea Leave-in conditioner growth complex

Of the two hair care products, this one was my favorite. It complimented the argan conditioner really well so I didn’t have to re-moisturize my hair during the week. Although, this may also be due to the fact that my deep conditioning and strengthening hair treatments are also heavy on the shea butter so my hair routine matched perfectly with the products.

You also don’t need much to see results but I still wished there was a little more to go through than the 100ml tub.

Cost : Ksh 775


Overall, it is clear that a lot of time and care went into coming up with this products because of how well they worked for me. I will definitely use them again and again.

Another great thing is that all the products are unisex so its a win for both the guys and and the girls.

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