SYSPRO, a global ICT company that develops ERP software, recently opened an office in Nairobi, Kenya. They have had a presence here for over 20 years, through partners, but then they felt a need to be closer to their clients here.

The company’s ERP solution, SYSPRO ERP, targets customers in manufacturing and distribution and in the region they include Brookside Dairy, Basco Paints, Sadolin Paints, Cooper K-Brands Ltd and Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers.

So why SYSPRO ERP? Here are 6 reasons.

1. Flexibility

SYSPRO ERP is sold in modules, which means that you can buy the functionality you need at a specific time and then add others at a later time if & when you need them. Each module is configured individually to fit the specific customers’ needs.

Kenya Vehicle Manuacturers (KVM) for instance, have used SYSPRO ERP since 2013 and have mainly used it for production and inventory. They have however recently added a customer management component.

2. Compatibility with other software

SYSPRO ERP is compatible with other business software. So for instance if a company wants to use another software for a specific process then it is possible to integrate with SYSPRO.

Cooper K- Brands Ltd for instance, uses the ERP for finance, production and inventory and uses a different software for HR.

3. Mobility

SYSPRO can either be installed on the premises of a customer or on the cloud. Being on the cloud means that it can be accessed anywhere as long there’s internet access. Additionally, there is a mobile version called SYSPRO Espresso. This solution means that a customer can invoice or check the system from a mobile device while on the move.

4. Reporting

SYSPRO has extensive reporting capability with tailored reporting options and different layout features such as graphs. The reports can be customized depending on what the customer wants and the specific situation.

5. Security

SYSPRO provides multiple levels of security to ensure that only the right people access data. The system gives people access depending on their level of involvement. There’s also an option of passwords. This security ensures that there’s no unauthorized access of data.

Additionally, the system keeps a record of all transactions including those involved and the dates.

6. Customer support

SYSPRO has an amazing 98% customer retention rate. The two customers that I talked to said that the ERP rarely has an issue and when it does, they are sorted in a timely manner by a partner or directly by SYSPRO.