The iGaming company Stakers announces the launch of their new product—sports betting Pools.

Abiding by the rules of fair play and transparent winning conditions, the iGaming operator provides players with the chance to win the 100k jackpot by placing bets starting from 20 cents.

Being one of the most popular wagering format worldwide, Stakers strives to introduce changes into the Toto playing opportunities. Now players are able to win by guessing 6 out of 15 picks.

“Driven by our cutting-edge technology and iGaming experience, we introduce the new and exciting feature of Pools with guaranteed world’s notable jackpot liquidity. Commitment to mobile users stand as our top priority and here at Stakers we are aware of the increased demand for mobile products and we’ve become the first company in the gaming industry to introduce purpose-built fully optimized web version of the Pools. This will spearhead a change in the betting experience, and that is truly exciting!” said Michael Schmidt, company business development manager.

The gist of the Pool betting concept is in dividing of the wagered total between the winners who guessed the largest number of results. Since the time of its introduction in the 19th century, the Pools have gradually become popular practically in every country of the world and the tendency is yet to increase.

Toto provides the players with the opportunity to select either a single or multiple picks placing the bet from 20 cents to a Euro. While the odds are not presented, players are offered to see the straights of the teams in percentage.

Promoting 1X2—a daily soccer fifteen, Tennis Head to Head and Soccer correct score—a daily five, Stakers works under the market standard rules and has a few twists both in terms of a number of winning outcomes and the winning jackpot share.

Michael Schmidt points out “As specified in the latest RGA research, today iGaming has proven to be an increasingly growing industry with a number of players around the world from 10 to 80% of national population. In European states, ePlayers comprise approximately 60%. The part of those, who play Pools betting games on a regular basis, is from 10 to 15%”.  Mr. Schmidt added “We’re always trying to innovate our sportsbook and to go with the tides and for the umpteenth time we are excited to be rolling out another great product from the excellent team of our developers” is licensed in Malta and regulated by the Maltese Gaming Authority. License number MGA/CL2/1306/2017.