Leaving on a business trip can be stressful enough because of all the little odds and ends which need tying up at home before you leave. Then there is the added stress of finding the right hotel in a place you’ve probably never been to, along with concern over whether or not you will be able to communicate if your destination is a country where English isn’t spoken. If you are looking for an easy way to choose a hotel, there are a few basic considerations to keep in mind.

Cost and Location

Of prime importance is the location of the hotel in regards to where your business is going to take you. For example, if you are travelling to a foreign country for an awards event or a trade show, you might be tempted to stay in the hotel close to where the event will take place. However, keep cost in mind. Typically, events of this calibre are located in a downtown venue with high-priced hotels in the locale within walking distance.

Most business travellers are looking to make this a cost-effective trip so the price of your lodgings can make a huge difference. It would be advisable to look on a site like HotelsCombined where you can search the lowest guaranteed prices and perhaps walk or take public transport to and from the event. On the other hand, if you will be travelling to meeting with clients around town, even cheaper locations will do just fine as long as your other requirements are met.

Services and Facilities

If you are going to be meeting with a group of people and in need of a conference room, check out the meeting facilities and equipment at the hotels you are choosing between. Do they have audio and video? What is the sound system like? Can you order refreshments and/or meals to be served to your guests? All of these are important questions to ask prior to finalising your booking.

Availability of Transportation

If you are not going to be located within walking distance of the event you are scheduled to attend, you might want to check on the availability of transportation. Are taxis plentiful at the hotel or is there reliable public transport? Some cities around the world are notorious for having buses that run hours behind schedule whilst other cities have around-the-clock trains and buses that are never more than a few minutes off schedule, and that is on a bad day with inordinately heavy traffic. Bear in mind that large events and trade shows can add literally thousands of extra vehicles on streets that are notoriously congested during rush hours.

So then, if you are booking a hotel for a business trip, cost and location are the most important decisions to be made. From there, you can check amenities and the availability of transportation. Weigh these options carefully and you should have no problem finding the right hotel in the right location, and best of all, at the right price.