After a very heated debate during a meeting called by the Kenya Films Classification Board  (KFCB) held at the museum last week, Ezekiel Mutua the CEO agreed to trash the KFCB Bill and start afresh. However, this seems to have been a ploy to cool the tempers at the meeting. This had the creatives at the meeting celebrating, sadly it seems that the fight is far from over as the CEO seems to have gone back on his word in regards to trashing the bill. While on a panel with other stakeholders on #TheTrend, he claims that the meeting was hijacked by activists and it became so rowdy that he had to call the meeting off. This is despite there being video evidence of him making the said promise. At the moment, rather than working to improve the Bill from its current form he is busy lobbying religious leaders to get support. This goes to show how much of a conniver this guy is and that he cannot be trusted at the helm of a body which seeks to regulate creatives.

My honest opinion is that all creatives and Kenyans of like minds should push for the disbandment of the Kenya Films and Classification Board. This is because it has outlived its purpose in this digital age whereby one can be able to stream content from anywhere in the world. Also rather than aiding the industry to prosper, the body seeks to stifle the space which does not bode well for the creatives. It should be noted that KFCB also seeks to regulate the online space which includes social media and this being the election season, such a move should not be taken lightly.

Here is the clip showing Ezekiel Mutua reneging on his promise;

You can check out more of what transpired here;