Fans we were ecstatic when Elani made a come back to the scene after a long hiatus that is further explained here. What better way to come back than collaborate with one of the biggest artists in East Africa? The trio has worked with Jose Chameleone on the song My Darling that has drawn raving reviews from fans. The song in true Elani fashion is about love and sharing that with your loved one. Yes you will need a tissue for this one. They talk of a promise to love someone through thick and thin.

Elani know how write and sing about love. Chameleone’s  gritty-gravelly voice blends well with Elani’s mellow tone giving the song an edge. This move is key for the group because they establish themselves in the East African market. Diamond’s career changed for the better after his collaboration with Nigeria’s Davido. This opens up opportunities to more collaborations and  increased recognition.  An interesting note is the band’s colour co-ordinated black outfits yet the premise of the video is love. Was it to symbolize the tragic end in the video? I cannot tell you what happens you will have to find out by watching the video below.


Elani have released the second part of their My Darling
. For once someone actually honours the tag line to be continued. The video is a continuation of the accident that happens in the first part of the video. One thing I have commend is the authentic acting that is even better in the second part. Having a two part music video is slowly becoming a trend after artists like Sauti Sol and Rihanna have done it in their videos. Watch the first and second part of the videos below.