DSTV sent texts to customers today informing them that their packages will more from October 1st 2015. The premium package for instance will cost Ksh. 9,400 from the current price of Ksh. 8,200. They blame the increase on currency depreciation. Their reason is familiar and for a long time they used to price their services in dollars which meant that the money payable kept changing every month depending on the dollar-shilling rate. It is unclear why they pass on foreign exchange loss burden to customers.

The table below shows the new prices for all the packages effective October 1st 2015.

DSTV Kenya new and old price comparison

Packages New Price Old Price Difference
Ksh. Kshs. Ksh.
Premium 9,400 8,200 1,200
Compact Plus 6,400 5,550 850
Compact 3,750 3,250 500
Family 2,150 1,890 260
Access 1,050 930 120

The news of the price increase did not augur well with Kenyans especially coming at the back of another price increase that DSTV effected earlier in the year.

As Wallace noted, the prices of the same services in South Africa are much lower. Like Wallace, we are just wondering why the prices differ so much.

Here is a comparison of the Kenyan and South African package cost at current prices.

DSTV Prices

DStv’s pricing of their services in Kenya has been a sore point for customers and one customer shared an epic rant a few years back that went viral.


Multichoice Africa CEO Tim Jacobs has responded to the Kenyan uproar about DStv price increase HERE.