The President and Amb Amina Mohammed at the Balozi App Launch

The Balozi App Launch

Every other year, Kenyan Ambassadors and High Commissioners have a conference and this year, the 17th edition was hosted at Ukunda in Kwale County.

Among the highlights for this year’s conference was the launch of the Balozi’s app, aptly named after the ambassadors that will be using it. The Balozi app is expected to be a more private and conducive channel. It will facilitate seamless interactions with the Foreign Affairs Office and the Cabinet Secretary, it will also make headway in establishing Jubilee as a ‘digital government’ like sold in the 2012/2013 political scene.

The app, which was developed by Rapid Communications Limited has a number of features, among them is the personalized user profiles that allow the envoys to edit their personal profiles, contact details and their designations. The app also fosters the ability to create groups, instant messaging, facilitates the sharing of media files and supports feeds; enabling users to search content put up by their counterparts. The Balozi App, which strikes me a lot like an upgraded version of Whatsapp, is a closed-loop secure app.

The app was developed by Rapid Communications.