Kenya Mining Cadastre Portal

Kenya has launched an Online Transactional Mining Cadastre Portal (OTMCP) that records and manages all types of mining licences.

“I am delighted that Kenya is now among the few countries in the world to have an online cadastre. We are also the first in Africa to have this modern online mining cadastre that allows new mining applications. The launch of the OTMCP is the concrete proof that the Ministry of Mining is standing by its program and delivering on the commitments it made to achieve its part of the Kenya 2030 vision. A testimonial of mining reform and modernization in the country, the OTMCP is a concrete demonstration of the Government’s commitment to transparency and efficiency,” said Deputy President William Ruto during the launch of the portal.

Najib Balala, CS Ministry of Mining added that it is hoped the portal will help reform the sector in terms of improving efficiency of operations; providing transparency and accountability.
The portal is the result of attempts to transform existing data into a digital format, by the Ministry of mining. It is hoped that the portal will appeal to investors, translating into economic development.

The website can be accessed at and the map of the licenses awarded can be found here