Cocktails are one of the few creative things you can do with your bottle of alcohol. One of the main ingredients for this are fruits which can be used to add different tastes to various cocktail recipes. If you’re thinking of trying your hand at making some cocktails, here are some fruits you need to stock up.

1. Apples

A delicious fruit of the apple tree. It is used in cocktails freshly cut, as puree, or sliced to garnish or adding its flavor. Different varieties may be found: green ‘Granny Smith’, red ‘MacIntosh’, yellow ‘Ginger Gold’.

2. Watermelons

Watermelon is a fresh, juicy fruit with green skin and deep bright red flesh. It’s used in cocktails as ingredients, as base in liqueurs and as garnishing.

3. Tomatoes

Commonly known as a vegetable, tomato is actually the fruit of the plant which has the same name. It’s widely used in many cocktail recipes such as the famous Bloody Mary.

4. Tangerine

Tangerine is a citrus fruit, variety of mandarin orange. It’s smaller than common orange and less sour than mandarin.

5. Strawberries

Strawberry is world-wide cultivated edible fruit, very appreciated for its aroma, bright red color and sweetness. It’s used fresh as ingredient in cocktails or as a syrup, and garnish.

 6. Pineapples

It’s an ideal complement for a fruity cocktail.

7. Oranges

It’s typically used as juice, garnishing, flavoring, etc., in cocktails.

8. Lime

Lime is used in cocktails such as the infamous Dawa.

9. Bananas

Used in blended cocktails.

10. Lemons

When not being used for Tequila shots, lemons can come handy in you cocktail recipe.

11. Blackberries

Dark, purple, edible fruit, with smooth and fragile skin. It’s base of liqueurs, schnapps, and syrups.

12. Cherries

It’s suitable for eating raw, it’s commonly used in Liqueurs and Brandies, and used in cocktails for garnishing, as a component such as: purée, and syrup.