With insecurity in the country at a high, a section of the country’s citizens have organised a peaceful march to occupy Harambee Avenue and call on the president to take action. Coincidentally, the President, Deputy President, Internal Security minister and Inspector General offices are located on Harambee Avenue thus the march will be headed to their offices.

Over the weekend, Alshaabab militants attacked a bus travelling from Mandera and killed 28 of the passengers. This incident is the latest in a series of insecurity incidents which have led to many Kenyans losing their lives. The consensus among most of the country’s citizens is that the government is not doing enough to deal with insecurity and offer proper protection to its citizens.

It seems as if the government agencies only react after an incident occurs and fail to listen to intelligence and set up preventive measures. At the end of the day, it is up to the President, as the leader of the country and patriarch of the goverment, to ensure that the citizens feel secure and those who are sleeping on the job are held accountable.

The fact that the government has resorted to sending the Kenya Defense Forces to hotspot areas only goes to show the gravity of the issue but KDF are mainly supposed to be deployed to deal with external threats and this action does not help develop internal security forces.

The protests starts tomorrow at 10am on Harambee Avenue.