Kenya has quite an interesting past and what better way to show it off than with photographs. I have compiled some pictures from old Kenya that tell a bit of the country’s history. Hat tip to @Kresearcher and @Fkariuki.

1. A pump station in Kibwezi in 1960

Pump Station Kibwezi - 1960

2. The statue of Lord Delamere opposite Stanley Hotel on Delamere Avenue (now Kenyatta Avenue)

Statue of Lod Delamere

3. Near Fort Jesus, Mombasa in the 1900s

Fort Jesus
4. The Kenya International Conference Centre (KICC) under construction in 1969

KICC under construction

5. The first DC office and Court House in Nairobi in 1900

DC office and Court House in Nairobi

6. Victoria Gardens (now Jeevanjee Gardens) in Nairobi in 1910

Victoria Gardens

7. Government Road (now Moi Avenue) in Nairobi in the early 1900s

Government Road

8. Victoria Street (now Tom Mboya Street) in Nairobi in the early 1900s

Victoria Street

9. Vasco Da Gama Street in Mombasa in the 1900s

Vasco Da Gama Street

10. Indian Bazaar (now Biashara street) in Nairobi in the 1900s

Indian Bazaar

11. Meru warriors circa 1910s

Meru Warriors

12. Confiscated cattle in Nyeri for residents failure to co-operate in operations against Mau Mau in 1952

Confiscted Cattle

13. Indian soldiers guarding the railway in Tsavo in 1915

Indian Soldiers

14. Valley Road in the 1960s

Valley Road

15. Uhuru Park in 1976

Uhuru Park 1976

16. Wilson Airport in 1958

Wilson Airport

17. The construction of the Nairobi Nyeri Road circa 1958

Nairobi Nyeri Road

18. The first ever passenger train in Kenya leaves Kilindini Harbour for Voi on 2nd April 1898

First Passenger Train

19. The boys brigade at the Church of Scotland Mission school in Kikuyu in 1918

Church of Scotland mission school

20. The first Printing Press in Kisumu that was owned by Vithalji Harji Jobanputra in 1928

Printing Press, Kisumu

21. The Kapenguria Six, Bildad Kaggia, Kung’u Karumba, Jomo Kenyatta, Fred Kubai, Paul Ngei, and Achieng’ Oneko, during their trial in Kapenguria town in 1952

The Kapenguria Six

22. Torr’s Hotel (now CFC-Stanbic Bank) in the 1920s

Torr Hotel

23. Namanga Town, on the border between Kenya and Tanzania

Namanga Border point

24. Lokichoggio Airport in Turkana in the 1970s

Lokichoggio Airport

25. A Kenyan driving license in 1927

Kenyan driving license

26. The Coronation Safari Rally on the Streets of Nairobi in 1956

Coronation Safari Rally

27. Home guards arrest Mau Mau suspects on December 1st 1952

Home guards

28. Ngong Hills as seen from Nairobi in the early 1900s

Ngong Hills

29. A British detention camp in Kenya in 1954

British Detention Camp

30. The Elephant Tusks on Moi Avenue in Mombasa circa 1967

Elephant Tasks

31. The summit of Mount Kenya and Lewis Glacier in the early 1900s

Mount Kenya Summit

32. Nanyuki town in 1943

Nanyuki Street

33. Joginder Singh & Harbajan Sembi competing in East African Safari Rally in 1967

Joginder Singh & Harbajan Sembi - East African Safari Rally 1967

34. Kamba warriors 1910

kamba warriors

35. Jomo Kenyatta, Tom Mboya and Mwai Kibaki celebrate after Kanu won the national elections in 1963

Jomo Kenyatta Celebrates

36. Kikuyu men with a missionary outside Watson-Scott Memorial church in Kikuyu circa 1915

Kikuyu men

37. Thorn Tree Restaurant outside New Stanley Hotel in 1969

Thorn Tree Restaurant

38. A Luo man blows his horn circa 1908

Luo Man - 1900

39. A drinking session in Kavirondo Nyanza in the 1910s

Wine drinking

40. Kisumu Market 1910

Kisumu Market

41. The Hilton Hotel in Nairobi under construction in 1968

Nairobi Hilton

42. A fuel station off the Nairobi-Mombasa highway in 1962

Fuel station - Sultan Hamud

43. The Nairobi-Mombasa highway in 1960

Nairobi Mombasa Highway

44. War memorial along Delamere Avenue (now Kenyatta Avenue) in 1962

War memorial

45. A Kavirondo warrior in early 1920s

Kavirondo Warrior

46. Kikuyu men in the 1920s

Kikuyu men 1920s

47. Kikuyu women pounding grain near Nairobi in 1908

Kikuyu women

48. Four hawker fighter Kenya Airforce jets flying over Embakasi in 1964

Fighter Pilots

49. A Kikuyu woman picking coffee berries in Kiambu in the late 1930s

Kikuyu woman in Kiambu

50. Kipsigis warriors stage a chant of triumph around the carcass of a lion that had just been speared circa 1930

Kispsigis Warriors