Steps ARM Cement has taken to conserve the environment


ARM Cement
For the longest time, media has been reporting on how the environment is under attack. They let us know how we are depleting the ozone layer, how the Nairobi river is full of toxins and so on and so forth. Once in a while, one journalist will tackle the big guys and focus on how a certain company is behind the issues affecting our environment. Very few, if any will applaud the people and companies doing their best to save the environment.

Companies run this country. Anything and everything different corporate undertake is emulated in our day-to-day life. The best way to implement environmental changes is through using companies. That being said, I think it’s time we acknowledged what one particular company is doing towards conserving the energy. This company is ARM Cement.

ARM was founded in 1974, and has slowly risen to be one of the go-to companies when it comes to cement in Kenya. Getting to where they are has not been an easy task and they give back to society to thank them for all their support. Conserving the environment is one way on which they do this.

Compliance with regulations on pollution is no easy fete. But ARM has taken the bull by the horns and all their factories play a diligent role in keeping the environment safe. The factory in Kaloleni has an internal air monitoring and particulate emission measurement system. None of the dust emitted during the process is released into the air.

Noise is another issue we all address when we talk about environmental issues. ARM cement also has this addressed. This done through having a 24/7 automated and digitized continuous noise and vibration monitoring systems in place. The system automatically shutdowns in case of out of limit noise / vibration.

ARM is far from being the next Wangari Maathai, but they are headed in the right direction. It is so easy for a cement company to focus more on making money and ignore the needs of the environment. Instead of doing this, ARM has taken up the task to ensure that all they do is environmentally friendly. It’s time we acknowledged this good work and looked to other corporates to follow in their steps.

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