Muratina is an alcoholic drink named after the fruit of the same name. The fruit comes from a tree commonly called the “sausage tree” (Kigelia africana) due to the long, sausage-like fruits that it bears. The fruits hang down on string-like twigs that drop down from the tree branches. Individual fruits can grow to around 60cm in length and can weigh up to 7 kilograms.

Muratina has played an important role in the social and cultural traditions of the Kikuyu community of Kenya. This traditional alcoholic drink has been passed down from generation to generation and had an undisputed role almost in all social functions in the Kikuyu culture, such as births, initiations, weddings and other special occasions.


1. sugar cane
2. muratina – Kenyan fruit

Muratina Tree


The fruits are first cut into pieces and dried in the sun.

The fruits are then are boiled in water. After boiling the fruits are again sun dried after that sugarcane juice is added to it and kept in a warm place for a day.

Again the fruits are sun dried and finally mixed with a lot of sugar cane juice and kept for fermentation for around four days.

The taste of Muratina is little bit sour and has the typical alcoholic odour.