Life can come with lots of pressure especially with the new year when we’re all trying to kick off on a high note. On the road to achieving our dreams, we have to make sure that we don’t overwork ourselves. There is no point in being successful and not being able to enjoy it because you’re worn out.

Here are some great ways to de-stress.

1. Healthy living

This cannot be stressed enough. You cannot function at your best when you’re not feeling your best. You also cannot deal with difficult situations and any small discomfort with put more than the usual strain on you.

Healthy living refers to your physical, mental as well as emotional and spiritual well-being. Eat a balanced diet, sleep at least 6 hours a night (it really should be eight but don’t go below 6) and exercise. If you can avoid stressful situations and/or people, do it. Stay in control of what or who you let into your space.

2. Meditation

This could fall under healthy living but I think it should fall in its own category. The mind is where the stress triggers attack first and so it must be protected and strengthened.

Take time out to meditate. Sit quietly with your thoughts and think about anything and everything. It helps to have a notepad with you to write down any thoughts that stand out. If you journal, it’s a great time to do so.

Take stock of your life and review your goals and how you’re generally doing in life. I would recommend taking stock at least every month. It helps keep you on track to your goals and maintain clarity in your thinking as you go forward.

If you’re spiritual, pray. Nothing de-stresses better than some balm for the soul.

3. Unplug

The world is a buzzing nest nowadays. We are constantly being bombarded by information from our TVs, our computers and our phones. It’s impossible to truly unwind with all that in your face.

Here’s a wild thought… Switch off your phone or at least the Internet. Try to schedule specific times you read your email or scroll through twitter/Facebook. Randomly checking in on social media is unhealthy.

Also, don’t sleep with the TV on. Read a book or journal. Anything else but falling asleep by staring at a screen.

4. Prioritize and Organize

At the beginning of every day, it should be clear to you what you want to get done by the end of the day. It helps to write a to do list. To make things easier, have a maximum of five things you must get done by the end of the day. Start with the most important task to the least important. Accomplishing the day’s tasks will make you feel less anxious as you go about your day, especially if you have a hectic schedule or heavy workload.

5. Take up a hobby

What do you love to do in your free time? Do more of it. Whether it’s singing, painting, running or stamp collecting, make time for your hobby. If you can make some money from your hobby, go ahead.

6. Socialize

Hang out with other people. Even if you’re an introvert (like me), find at least one or two people to spend some time with. Have lunch, go bowling, watch a film or go to a party. Intelligent conversation, some funny jokes and exchange of ideas will keep you feeling refreshed and inspired to face life.

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