The first time I heard Brikicho my thoughts went straight to South Africa. The beats come off with the same rhythm to it and the song is somewhere in between Liquideep’s Still and Micasa’s Heaven.

The video quality is up there as is to be expected. I like the story line, kinda reminds me of the many “love affairs” that were construed in our minds in childhood through innocent games such as hind and seek ( brikicho as is the song title) and “cha baba, cha mama”. In this scenario the lady meets a guy and drops her keys and they both reach out to grab it (kind of a cliche there). As she tries to catch up with him, he disappears and it’s not later in the song when she is introduced to him again via a friend. Maybe they could have done a better scripting at a love story but not to say that it takes anything away from the video.

I like the fact they decided to experiment with the genre and it does sound worth the risk. I mean risk, as Kenyans might take time to associate themselves or identify with the song as a local song – if you catch my drift. I’ve had discussions as to what constitutes a local song but I guess whatever the genre one chooses it’s the message and story that matters. I am definitely feeling the song though and thumbs up to Electrique DJs. Have a look at the video below