angry popeye

Anger is an emotion like every other human emotion and to get angry at something or someone is not a bad thing. Question is what you do when you are angry. Maybe you have a bad temper and can’t really help it. Here’s some thing you should not do when you are angry

1. Rant on social media.

Whatever you do in the dark will come to light, a wise man once said. And whatever you post on social media will come to bite you in the ass another one added. As much as the urge is there to go on a rant on twitter or Facebook it is best to Keep Calm and Move On. Or at least post something that is not abusive or insulting to the person who angered you.

2. Stay around expensive or breakable stuff

As the police would say it, as in the movies, step away from the breakable or expensive stuff and put your hands up. Yes. In the midst of high emotion you might be tempted to break a glass or punch the person in the face. Yes, even a face is breakable. I would advice you to move slowly away from the thing you feel like breaking with a clenched fist.

3. Take drugs and alcohol

Another tempting thing to do when angry is to is to take a smoke or a tot of spirit. I would strongly advice you to keep away from any illegal substances and also the legal ones like beer or spirits. This will just help you to feel like the superman and end up being beaten up in a brawl, if you’re skinny like me, or breaking somebody’s face as highlighted in point to.

Up next, a few tips on what to do when you are angry.