Galaxy Note 8

So yesterday I was involved in a discussion with my friend Andy about tablets. I being on the pro-tablet side and him being on the anti-tablet side. It must be noted that I am a device addict – if that makes sense- I love devices. I can be that guy with a laptop, smartphone, tablet, ipod, camera, you name it. So as the debate ensued several questions were raised.

Do you need a tablet?

This has been the subject of many debates on the interwebs and I too sought some wisdom on the matter. Tablets are good if you are a student, artist or business person. Most professionals find tablets better for their daily activities as compared to computers and smartphones. There is also some comfort in the fact that you can adapt most of your phone functionality into your tablet. Video calls are also easier to make on tablets and they also have a better battery life. Tablets are also cool for scribbling during meetings.

On the other side smartphones are more portable and also you don’t look silly with them next to your ear. Throw in the fact that most of the smartphones today have better cameras and equal storage you would get where Andy was coming from. And also there is the issue of apps, since smartphones had a head start to tablets it’s easier to find apps optimized for their display as compared to tablets.

Why not get a laptop instead to use alongside your phone?

This is open for debate as I can’t really say tablets beat laptops in functionality. Laptops have the added advantage of a physical keyboard and also come with more powerful operating systems. Then there are other features such as larger internal storage, more powerful processors and the presence of more ports and connectors.

In conclusion, if you are a gadget freak like me – get everything – but if you are more conservative and don’t want lots of gadgets lying around – well, the options are there for you.