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Did you know Rose Nasimiyu went into remission? Yes, she did. But most of us do not know this because it was not on the news. When she first came out with her song to raise money for chemotherapy, all media houses made her top priority news. We all knew about her, remembered her in our prayers we waited to find out about her results, but the news never came. Her story was on a corner in The Standard 2days after doctors gave her the good news.

Do you remember the whole Donde drug saga a few years back? One of Joe Donde’s daughters was allegedly caught with drugs in Malaysia. It was hot news for days. To date I don’t know how that story ended, did she get deported, and was she jailed?

Did we ever find out how the Saitoti saga went? Did they sort out the whole kidnapping fiasco? How is the enquiry into his death coming along?

These are a few of the stories that never got an ending in our media. We knew about them for days, they made up our conversations all over. All of a sudden they were gone. Not even one word about them in the media. We were left feeling like unsatisfied lovers.

Our media is good at giving us news as it happens. Every day they add more facts to a story. From Monday to Monday the story is given more details, making it juicy to grab our attention. Then out of the blue, the story is killed off. There is no mention of it in the media. We as the audience are left wondering what happened.

It could be for privacy reasons or maybe the editorial policy limits how much time can be spent on a story. But why does it run across the board that all media houses shut down the same story at the same time? Are they doing it on purpose to keep us glued to them in the hopes that somewhere along the line we shall get more information?

Personally, I am tired of the lack of continuity in our news, the lack of conclusion. I need someone to come out and give me a full story. It is unfair to air a story once just to increase ratings and never wrap it up. I believe we deserve a conclusion to so many stories, stories that the media gave us a taste of before cutting us off.

I’m not saying all stories deserve to be wrapped up in a ribbon like a novel or movie. But wouldn’t it be nice if a story that involve sick people, court cases or achievements gets a mention when there are new developments? It seems unfair to make us wonder what comes next or how the people are if you suddenly drop the story and give it a total media blackout.