Dear Mr. President,

I have often heard our Minister for Local Government lament and cry foul saying that hawkers are a menace in our city. It is amazing that such close minded people have driven this city to the dogs and still managed to call themselves visionary leaders! I have thus taken it upon myself to think for him, and this is my proposed solution to the hawker problem.

1. Zoning

In this sense, simply decide which areas of the cities and towns that you would want the hawkers to operate. Yes, we are going to let them operate! Relax, I am going somewhere with this! Allocate certain zones that these hawkers can operate, based on merchandize sold e.g. Agricultural goods, stationery, clothes, electronics, etc

2. Zoning Licences

Since the city fathers are always cleaning how broke the city is, why not allow there hawkers to get licenses for the zones in which they want to operate, or those which they can afford. In this sense, each zone generates its own revenue and thus makes it easier to foot bills such as cleanup, garbage, sewerage, power and water for each zone.

To quote the MP for Mbeya (DSM), Joseph Mbilinyi, “The nature of a hawkers business is moving around. Building a kibanda for a hawker is like telling a salesman to hit his target while sitting behind a desk! Let them roam, let them sell, let them be a part of the solution instead of viewing them as part of the problem!”

There you go, Mr President. A solution that your “honorable” Minister did not think about!! A simple thank you would do.