An open letter by Ngash Mtrue expressing discontent over DSTV Kenya’s product offering has been doing the rounds in the Kenyan online space. What started out as a note on facebook has spread all over the interwebs and it has started conversations about whether what DSTV offers is truly value for money.

Some people shared the letter on facebook

Ghafla published the letter on its website.

The conversation then moved to twitter

Some started talking to DSTV directly about the matter

Someone even set up a twitter account to further express their discontentment with DSTV and their services.


DSTV still hasn’t responded with an official statement to the various tweets and facebook updates directed at them.

This twitter account is claiming that DSTV has issued a statement but that’s untrue since what they shared was a link to a 2 year old article on DSTV’s website.