Marcus Olang’ is one introvert’s cover identity [True identity withheld], best known for people-watching, subtle sarcasm and hosting the Breakfast Show on 1 FM 97.1.

In his spare time, in between bursts of writing and blogging, he uses his aliases to save broken ladies from their own insecurities, which is a display of either typical chauvinism or selfless heroism – depending on where you stand.



We had a few questions for him and this is what he had to say :-

1. What was your first phone?
Nokia 3310. The number of times I dropped this phone on that cemented floor, tjo. Also, in water. Still lived. You have to respect this phone.

2. What do you prefer? Facebook or Twitter? Why?
It may be a bit of a curious choice, but Facebook. And here’s why: It’s a brilliant place to cultivate conversation. Think of it this way: Remember that Twitter conversation you wanted to refer to, but the tweets are buried too far down your Timeline? Exactly.

3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Getting Members of Parliament/Senators/Governors/[insert title here] fired for unparalleled & incessant stupidity.

4. Any question for us? We’ll publish our answer as well.
Bosso ke mang?

  • Mang ke bosso

5. What would you do if you were president for a day?
Amend the clause making me president for a day to make me president for a year. Then clean house. (Probably get shot on Day 364, but meh. The job needs to get done.)

6. Whats your favourite book & movie?
Favourite book has to be James Patterson’s “Pop Goes the Weasel”. It reminds me of a special girl.
Moving right along…
Favourite movie would be a tie between “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl” (That was Jack Sparrow at his finest) and Joe Wright’s “Hanna”.

7. Who/What inspired you to do what you do now?
Three people: BBC’s Moira Stuart, Dineo Ranaka Club 808 host and formerly of Y FM and the legendary Rick Dees.

8. If you were to change jobs, what profession would you get into? Why?
Psychology. The human mind fascinates me.

9.If you had a superpower, what would it be?
Easy: Reading minds, and its sister, power of inception.

10. If you were deserted on an abandoned island what 5 things would you want to have?

  • Food.
  • Shelter.
  • Clothing.
  • Internet connectivity.
  • Genie in a bottle.

11. If you were a car, what car would you like to be? Why?
1996 Mercedes Benz C220. Calm. Class. Confidence.

12. If you could be in any band in the world, which one would you like to be in? Why?
Janelle Monae’s band. Why? It’s friggin’ Janelle Monae, that’s why.

13. Share something interesting about yourself with our readers.
I loved a girl. Until I realised I could love her no more. Now I love many girls.
I lie. Actually, she friendzoned me, scarred me for life, which is why I now advise prospects to engage with caution. Selfish interests.
And now I don’t know why I confessed to that.