LG has announced a partnership with Playmobil to create a magical experience for kids. Playmobil is one of the world’s leading toy brands for children aged 4 to 12.

From now until after the Christmas period, young ones will have the opportunity to interact with Playmobil’s cherished toys and even take home special gift packages courtesy of LG.

The partnership between LG, a global leader in electronics and home appliances and Playmobil, renowned for its imaginative playsets and figurines, promises to make this festive season extra special for families across Kenya.

The campaign aims to provide a memorable in-store experience at 17 outlets of LG’s partner distributors, Opalnet and Hotpoint, where children and their families will engage with Playmobil’s beloved toys and LG’s premium products. From imaginative playsets to cutting-edge electronics, the synergy between the two brands will make holiday shopping an experience to remember.

LG Electronics EA Managing Director Dongwon Lee, said “This campaign is not just about electronics and toys but also about spreading happiness in our communities. We believe in making moments special, and this collaboration with Playmobil allows us to create an uplifting atmosphere during the holiday season.”

Children visiting participating stores will have the chance to receive exclusive gift packages, carefully curated by LG and Playmobil. These packages are designed to bring endless smiles and excitement, making this holiday season truly unforgettable.