WOJO has revealed its plans to establish its co-working space solution in Kenya, setting foot in a fast-expanding industry. The expansion marks a milestone in WOJO’s journey, as it seeks to bring its co-working spaces to one of Africa’s most vibrant and promising business landscapes.

“The specificity of WOJO is that hospitality excellence and skills are at the core of the business. WOJO, which is a part of Accor Management Group, leverages excellence in comfort and office expertise. WOJO materializes the ‘workspitality ‘concept,” WOJO Africa Growth Lead Faith Nyongesa.

As part of its strategic vision, WOJO Africa aims to replicate its success on a Pan-African scale and contribute to the growth of Kenya’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“Kenya is an exciting market with a burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit and a growing demand for flexible workspace solutions. WOJO is dedicated to providing an environment that inspires innovation, facilitates connections, and nurtures the aspirations of local businesses,” added Ms. Nyongesa.

WOJO’s approach to co-working emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, community, and aesthetics. Their spaces are designed to be adaptable, accommodating businesses of all sizes,  from freelancers and startups to established enterprises. The co-working environments foster collaboration through thoughtful layout and shared amenities, fostering a sense of camaraderie among members.

As part of its commitment to sustainability and inclusivity, WOJO plans to integrate eco-friendly practices into its Kenyan operations and engage with local communities to create meaningful opportunities for business growth and development..