Burhani Engineers has unveiled the first valve testing and rehabilitation hub in the region to save industrial plants money spent on maintenance and repair of existing valves.

The Burhani Valves Testing and Rehabilitation Facility based in Nairobi is targeting to rehabilitate and service valves for the Power, Oil and Gas, Mining, Food and Process industries.

The facility is fitted out with certified equipment and machinery and a dedicated team of technicians with decades of experience to provide the best solutions for all types of valves irrespective of brands, size and pressure ratings.

According to Burhani, it will take roughly two weeks to rehabilitate a valve locally compared to shipping a new valve from abroad which takes up to 6-8 months. This is from machining, assembly, testing, painting, packing, dispatching to the customer, and installation on site.

Burhani Engineering Ltd Chief Executive Officer Fatema Pirbhai commented on the new milestone, stating that the service is both a marketplace and a circular economy solution. “The cost, time and engineering incurred to rehabilitate a valve locally is far lower than the expenses of a new valve. We also offer onsite valve maintenance solutions and technical training, as well as educate our customers on a variety of training tools and courses aimed at improving valve performance.”

“From an environmental perspective most process industries discard huge pile stock of valves in their backyards as scrap. As the market continues to demand greater accountability from industries, our reuse and regeneration of valves as a means of continuing production in a sustainable or environmentally friendly manner is a circular economy milestone we are proud of,” she added.

When a valve is received for testing and rehabilitation, a detailed condition assessment and repair plan is documented. This report is stored and is accessible in their data management system. Customers will receive an electronic certificate for each valve, incorporating full details of the valves’ service activities along with the compliance to testing standards.

Burhani Engineers has a 46-year heritage and track record in mechanical, instrumentation, civil and electrical engineering space in East and Central Africa. They have executed turnkey infrastructure projects in collaboration with private, public, and development partners. Beyond Kenya it operates in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Southern Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Zambia, Madagascar, Seychelles, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.