The #StainNotShame campaign has been launched on to raise awareness on period stigma and to stop period shaming.

Research by Menstrual Hygiene Day, a global advocacy platform for non-profit organizations and government agencies to promote menstrual health, reveals that 65% of women in Kenya are unable to afford sanitary pads. 1 million school age girls miss an average of four school days per month because of their menstrual cycle and have no access to feminine hygiene products. As a result of these, the consequences, at times have led to suicide cases.

The campaign is driven by a unique fashion collection showing a blot on dresses on the front and back as a fashion statement to normalize the sight of period stains.

The organizers of the campaign are asking Kenyan citizens to join in a petition to lawmakers asking for their support to protect our girls & women by adding a clause that stops period shaming in Kenyan law.

To be part of the campaign, go here

Gloria Orwoba, a nominated Senator representing women in the Senate, recently got into trouble when she attended a session in the Senate when he suit was soiled with blood. She said that she was on her period and what happened was a normal occurrence.