Jack Daniels has announced the return of  the Bartender’s Mentorship Program; Tennessee Campus which is running for the 3rd consecutive year.

The program provides Kenyan bartenders the opportunity to master their craft. Designed as a 360’ educative and entrepreneurship experience Tennessee Campus covers all aspects of the business of hospitality. It essentially empowers bartenders to build a sustainable and successful career in the industry.

Given the challenges that the hospitality industry has experienced through the pandemic, Jack Daniel’s believes that now more than ever mentorship and guidance are required to help bartenders get back onto their feet. Launched during Covid19 Tennessee Campus has consistently supported and encouraged Kenyan bartenders to believe in their passions by offering career and business training.

David Mwangi Mutunga, Jack Daniel’s East Africa Brand Ambassador, had this to say, “At Jack Daniel’s we believe that mentorship and skills development has a transformational ability to elevate the career of bartenders. By sharing our knowledge and creating a platform of excellence, Kenyan bartenders can unleash their potential in unimagined ways. All through the pandemic we strongly believed in the talents of our Kenyan colleagues. We are excited to see what they bring forward and apply in 2022.”

The ethos of mentorship and innovation is at the heart of the Jack Daniel’s brand dating back to 1866. It is through the foundation of mentorship that a young Jasper ‘Jack’ Daniel built a thriving whiskey enterprise on. Today, it is one of the world’s biggest whiskey brands still enjoyed in ‘Pubs’ and ‘Fine Establishments’.