Health tech startup Zuri Health has announced that it has launched a WhatsApp chatbot for its customers in Kenya. The WhatsApp Chatbot is known as Vera and will help to connect patients to healthcare services in Kenya.

Zuri Health is a virtual health platform that enables users in Africa to access first level primary healthcare services where they can talk to doctors, book appointments, book lab tests and order medication from pharmacies. It provides services to its customers through its website, its mobile app Zuri Health, and also SMS platforms in Kenya and Senegal.

“We understand that to democratize access to healthcare, various channels have to be created. Apart from our website, mobile app and SMS service, we saw a need to add on Vera for audiences that prefer WhatsApp as a means of communication, even for healthcare services.” Zuri Health Founder Ikechukwu Anoke said.

Zuri Health emerged as the winner at the Sankalp Africa Awards 2022.  The award ceremony took place at the Sankalp Forum.