The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) has issued a warning against the consumption of Indomie noodles.

The COMESA Competition Commission issued the warning after the Food Safety Authority of Egypt (FSA) announced that it had given Indomie Egypt forty-eight (48) hours to pull its products from the market as they are not safe for human consumption. FSA ordered the company to pull its chicken and vegetables flavoured instant noodles as well as instant noodles with chili packs from the Egyptian market.

According to FSA, food safety tests found that Indomie’s chili packets and the chicken and vegetable flavor packets contained aflatoxins and pesticide residues in quantities that exceeded safe limits. The Authority stated that other than those three products, Indomie instant noodles were generally found to be safe for human consumption.

The affected Indomie products can be identified as indicated below:

  • Indomie chicken flavoured instant noodles
  • Indomie vegetable flavoured instant noodles

Following the directive, 733,340 cartons of different Indomie flavors have been withdrawn from the Egyptian market by the supplier.

Some of the recalled Indomie products are imported and marketed in other Member States of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa including Kenya that is why the COMESA Competition Commission issued the warning.