Eden Life, a home concierge services scheduling platform, has announced it has set up operations in Kenya and also acquired Kenyan company Lynk.

Lynk is a former tech company that used to connect workers in the informal sector with job opportunities in Kenya. The acquisition was brokered by Enza Capital, and will see Eden Life expand into Kenya and leverage Lynk’s platform that connected informal workers with end users through automated job matching and standardised processes.

Eden Life was launched in Nigeria in 2019 and connects busy professionals with concierge services, Eden Life offers its users a subscription service that delivers chef cooked meals, laundry services, and home cleaning. They have added a new additional beauty & wellness service for users in Nairobi. The service is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Users are able to select the specific chore they would like on the app and the app has also been built to aggregate data based on customer preferences and offer suggestions based on prior experience, and includes additional features such as delivery time tracking, payments and billing.

Lynk was launched in 2015 and during its time in operation facilitated over 150,000 jobs, transferring US$ 4.5M to more than 2,000 workers across 4 main verticals – Beauty & Wellness, Cleaning & Care, Installation, Repair & Maintenance, and Furniture & Decor. Adversely affected by COVID-19 lockdowns in the past two years, the company’s key investor connected Lynk’s founders with Eden Life and coordinated a strategic acquisition – accelerating Eden Life’s expansion into Nairobi through Lynk’s established customer base.

Akinyi Ooko-Ombaka, Country Lead at Eden Life Kenya, commented: “It’s truly exciting to continue the phenomenal legacy of the Lynk platform and be part of the evolution in recreating smart-service delivery solutions for busy Nairobians to manage their work-play lifestyle. The combination of the technology that powered Lynk to empower informal workers and the data-rich Eden Life app presents an immense opportunity to grow not just the menu of services, but also the number of people who can benefit from the platform.”

Eden Life’s plans depend on your budget and you can set a monthly one that will give you a set of services. For instance, for Ksh. 15,400 monthly, you can get:

1. Food plan – KES 10,800

4 meals per week
Delivered twice a week

2. Laundry plan – KES 2,000

Wash & Fold
One 10KG Bag
Picked up every two weeks
Additional KES 1,000 for Wash & Iron

3. Cleaning plan – KES 2,600

Indoor Cleaning
2 Bedrooms