Standard Chartered Bank has been named as a winner in the Banking Sector Award category at the 2021 CIO Awards. The bank was recognized for its performance in the sector with a highlight on its digital innovation and leadership.

This included creating competitive advantage in the organization, improving business processes, enabling growth and improving relationships with customers.

This year marked the 13th edition of the awards which celebrate companies and individuals for being the best in the field of technology in Africa. The annual event received over 450 applications for a cross-section of individual and organizational awards. The Banking Sector Award had more than 20 applicants.

The awards saw at least 160 companies being shortlisted for the Africa Awards in the first phase. The list was subjected to screening in the second phase to arrive at the top 100 companies. The technical team had analyzed survey data gathered over the past three months. 536 companies from across Africa submitted applications with the majority, 60% from Kenya 15% from Nigeria, Uganda (7%), and Rwanda (3%).

The organizations are assessed on their ability to not only deliver results but also to build on sustainably by creating a culture of continuous improvement.

Speaking on the announcement, Jaine Mwai, Chief Information Officer at Standard Chartered Bank Kenya stated, “IT innovation is a key component for the business. This award is a testament of the strides the bank has been making to bring to our client’s state-of-the-art digital banking solutions. Our teams who have been the key drivers to digital transformation have been continuously innovating and improving efficiencies to ensure that our clients receive exemplary services across all our corporate, retail and wealth management solutions.”