Digital and financial solutions specialists, MoData, have partnered with Renovite Technologies to deliver premium cloud-native payment technology solutions to clients in Africa. These solutions will enable clients to modernize their core payment systems, providing a seamless customer experience.

The partnership will give banks and retailers in the region access to Renovite’s Reno-Cloud solution suite, supported by MoData’s services and insights from their team of specialists. The partnership will also support organizations on their journey to reduce the costs, complexity and legacy constraints in their financial and business environments.

The range of payment solutions uses premier cloud-native technology and tools that inherit all the real benefits of cloud. These include lower costs, better security, elastic scalability, agility, portability and high availability of service. Reno-Cloud, for example, supports the full choice of deployment models, including in-house, using standard Windows or Linux servers, or a SaaS deployment in a private or public cloud.

The two companies are both drivers of innovation, continually adjusting their product offerings and services to meet the needs of organizations in the dynamic digital landscape. This partnership will both strengthen and enhance this agile approach to meeting and anticipating their customer needs.

Speaking on the partnership, MoData CEO Darren Turnbull said, “This partnership will offer financial institutions technology that allows them to provide their customers with the latest payment methods without the legacy release cycles. This is what we call CI/CD2, which to us means continuous innovation and integration as well as continuous development and delivery. This allows banks and other financial institutions to become the next Uber or Netflix before they are themselves disintermediated.”

Renovite Technologies COO Jim Tomaney stated, “Renovite recognises that transformational products like Reno-Cloud deliver maximum value for our clients when these products are combined with deep market knowledge and local implementation experience. Renovite believes that together, MoData and Renovite can deliver the combination of local expertise and product innovation that the industry is seeking.”