Shares is a company that builds and operates carrier neutral data centres. Carrier neutral data centres offer the ability to separate Internet providers and data centre providers, while at the same time offering affordability.

Since its entry to Kenya close to 4 years ago, has grown to design, build and operate carrier neutral data centers. The data centres serve a broad spectrum of clients including telecommunication companies, ISPs, IT and cloud providers, content providers, enterprise and financial services customers. These data centers are hyper-connected hubs and provide colocation services to its customers.

Taking into consideration that data centers are energy intensive infrastructure projects, has recently invested in clean renewable energy. The company has installed solar energy infrastructure at its Nairobi and Mombasa data centres.

The company has installed 400kW solar systems at its two sites NBO1 (Nairobi) and MBA1 (Mombasa). The solar power will support part of the power needs of each Data Centre which can deliver up to 825KW and 675kW of customer power (IT Load) respectively. This will help to manage energy costs and minimize carbon footprint. This will in turn form part of the company’s sustainable Green Energy goals being implemented across all its campuses in Nairobi and Mombasa.

“One of our greatest natural resources in Africa is the Sun and our investment in solar is a strategic part our global vision to reduce the harmful effects of global warming and conserve the environment as we continue to scale our business,” said Ranjith Cherickel, CEO of launched in Kenya in 2017 and started the construction of their Mombasa facility. It later become operational in 2018. The Nairobi facility became operational thereafter in 2019. The company was one the first to offer carrier neutral data centres in the country. In 2020, InterXion, a European provider of cloud-neural colocation data centre services and products, announced it had acquired a stake in is part of Digital Realty (DLR) with over 275+ data centres in 24 countries across 6 continents.