Personal care products manufacturer, Cussons East Africa, has launched a countrywide customer promotion for its, Imperial Leather brand, dubbed Sherekea na Milioni. The Imperial Leather brand includes bar soaps, body lotions and body washes.

The company intends to use the promotion to grow its youthful market target. The Ksh. 30 million promotion will reward Imperial Leather customers with prizes in cash and home appliances.

“Recruitment of younger consumers is a key area that the company is endeavoring to exploit. Interestingly, the current generation of younger people is increasingly inclined to spend at least one tenth of their monthly basket value spend on personal grooming routines. Remarkably, male consumers are joining the personal care category at a faster rate than female consumers, with an addition of at least 400,000 new consumers every year to male personal care category,” said Mr. Sekar Ramamoorthy, Cussons East Africa Managing Director.

Skin care products are currently the largest retailers, and as this trend continues to gain momentum, the company has witnessed a steady growth market for the Imperial Leather brand. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Mr. Ramamoorthy pointed out that demand for skin care products had registered an overall decline of 27% during 2020, attributed primarily to lower consumer confidence and reduced spending.

He also added that recent industry reports had showed that the first quarter of the year registered a 6% decline, which subsequently accelerated in the second quarter by 21%.

The Sherekea na Milioni campaign will constitute daily, weekly and monthly winners who will be randomly selected during scheduled draws. The final winner will take home the grand prize of Ksh.1 million.

The company also plans on running consumer education program to spare customers from the impact of the economic deterioration caused by the ongoing pandemic.