Since TikTok was launched in 2018, it has revolutionized the world of social media as we know it. It features short videos accompanied with background music and voice overs has attracted people from walks of life. With over 2 billion downloads and 800 million active users, it’s also one of the most popular social media apps.

In Kenya, the TikTok craze hit in 2019 after several Kenyan TikTokers made it
to the public eye. As a result, the app has inspired a new generation of content creators whose videos have earned them a massive following. Here are some of the best Kenyan TikTokers that you should follow.

1. Azziad Nasenya

She’s probably one of the well known Kenyan TikTokers. Her bubbly personality, infectious smile and killer dance moves may have earned her a significant audience but it was after going viral for her version of the sensational ‘Utawezana’ dance challenge that Azziad became a household name. Since then, she has graced TV shows and advertisements while still entertaining her fans on TikTok.

2. Mark Mwas

If high school life wasn’t already a comedy show, Mark has definitely made it one. His content is mainly inspired by high school life that majority of Kenyans have gone through which makes it even more hilarious.

3. Polly Wachira

Polly makes entertaining and original comedy skits on the platform. She’s a natural not only in comedy but in front of the camera which makes her fun to watch. Her comedy style is also quite relatable to the majority of Kenyans which has made a hit on TikTok.

4. Sammy Kioko

If you’re in need of a good laugh, Sammy Kioko is the guy to follow. He’s consistent with his videos that never fail to leave his audience in stitches. The talented standup comedian offers fresh and hilarious jokes that are catered to the Kenyan audience.

5. Flaqo

Flaqo is another Kenyan TikToker that went viral for his videos. He mostly does comedy skits that involve him playing several characters. In some videos he impersonates his father while in others he can play 4 different characters. This comedy style must have made a good impression since his videos are always a hit.

6. Kairetu Jenny

It’s no secret that comedy is popular on TikTok. However, Jenny has given it a new meaning. While she hops on the occasional viral challenge, she has created a niche in the almost saturated category on the platform with her creative and hilarious videos.

7. William Kamotho

It’s hard not to love William’s videos. He’s one of those people who have a funny face and anything they do looks funny. He mostly makes voice over comedy videos recreating viral videos in Kenya.

8. Sish Kiki

Kiki’s account is jam-packed with entertainment. She offers her followers a glimpse into her life by adding a personal touch to her videos.

9. Mama Fathma

What’s funnier than a man impersonating a woman in Swahili? This TikTok creator has warmed his way into our hearts with his funny character. He’s ever dishing tea and throwing shade but that’s what makes him hilarious.

10. Rue Baby

She might be known as Akothee’s daughter but Rue is forging her own path in the world of social media. She has now established herself as a Kenyan TikTokers with her entertaining dance challenges and occasional funny skits.

11. Luwi Capello

Luwi Capello is a Coast-based actor who was introduced to Kenyans through the hit reality show, Nairobi Dairies. When he’s not entertaining his fans on the big screen, his making funny TikTok videos which mainly feature his brother, another Coast-based actor.

12. Trisha Khalid

The curvy beauty has shown us that she’s more than just curves. She’s also a talented actress and her skills show in her TikTok videos.

13. Maina Mal

Maina is a super hilarious girl with a funny take on everyday life. She can turn anything into comedy without missing a beat. Additionally, she also gives viral challenges a funny twist which makes her content fresh and unique.

14. Three Men Army

As the name suggest, this trio form the Three Man Army comedy group that makes skits on TikTok about the Kenyan boy child.

15. Alma Mutheu

The self-proclaimed lip-sync queen has definitely earned that title thanks to her videos lip-syncing to funny voice overs almost perfectly.

16. Perpetual Mwende

Mwende makes a wide range of videos from beauty hacks to comedy skits. Her consistency, coupled with her natural acting talent, has certainly earned her an impressive audience.

17. Glam By Becca

This makeup artist knows how to beat a face and dance on beat. Becca combines her makeup and dancing skills to create dope TikTok videos.

18. Shakita Minaj

Shakita does it all from dancing to comedy voice overs and she always looks good doing it.

19. Maria Wakitaa

This adorable lady is best known for her role as Maria in the hit Kenyan drama ‘Maria’ on Citizen. She has taken her acting skills to TikTok and is killing it on the platform.

20. Hearty Love

Hearty mixes comedy, dance and everything in between to create some of the most entertaining content by any Kenyan TikToker.