So to make sure our vacation stays exclusive and always luxurious; let’s look at the all-suite hotel resorts and see what’s hot and what’s not.

Situated in the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean sea, 93 miles off the coast of Spain, Ibiza has a selection of luxury resorts, and hotels, every part of Ibiza has been visited to give you the best choice possible so let’s see what we found.

Every great tour starts with a little history this way you can make up your mind on the most suitable. I am starting with the UNESCO world heritage site in the old town in Ibiza city.

Positioned on the coast at Talamanca Bay and close to Marina Botafoch, this trendy Hotel and restaurant group are famous worldwide for luxury and comfort.

Suites are available, and consist of sea view rooms beautifully designed to bring outside in stone floors leading out the spacious terrace. Inside a sizable ornate entrance leads to a dressing area and sitting rooms. The bedroom has a King-size bed, and the shower rooms and bathrooms are made from Persian marble, some bathrooms have a deep bath.

All modern technology has installed WIFI, Bluetooth connections and of course large TV’s and with cable programming is standard.

Twenty minutes out of town is the exclusive Ca Na Xica in Sant Miquel de Balansat-  if you want to find peace and quiet, then this place is for you.

This resort has 14 luxury suites, all have views of the surrounding forest, each suite has its private terrace, and the bedrooms are 75 sq m, bright and light with clean, modern furnishing.

Relax in a queen-size bed, and the light-filled bathrooms also have uninterrupted views. The suites are full of art by local artists, and with all mod cons as standard.

The emphasis is on privacy but if you want to try somewhere a little more lively, let’s go to the 7 pines resort on the west coast of Ibiza between Cala Conta and Cala Codolar. 

The 7 Pines has unobstructed views of the sea and looks out to the rocky island of Es Vedrà. The area is a truly unique location and a prime vantage point to catch the sunset.

7 Pines is a rare all-suite resort situated over an area of 56,000 meters. Based on an Ibizan village, the main feature being whitewashed houses, this resort has 185 suites. Other amenities are four luxury bars and two well-appointed restaurants, a gorgeous spa and wellness centre. & Pines has 3 Pershing Yachts available for charter.

Unfortunately, Spain is about to enter lockdown again, so what is the luxury hotel industry doing to counteract the effects of COVID-19.

Luxury Hotels and Spas are now offering emotional well-being solutions as standard. Many of these luxury resorts have taken on councillors and mental health professionals to help deal with the intense burn-out some executives are experiencing after a prolonged period of trauma and change.

Hospitality, in general, has changed, and in practical terms, luxury resorts have been quick to install a touchless hotel experience. Check-in by mobile is standard, and a digital suite key is sent to the device so guests may proceed directly to their rooms. Digital check-in for spas and treatments is now standard, along with fitness classes and therapy. 

Luxury hotels have gone to extreme lengths to make sure they are safe. Introduction of superior cleaning regimes and high tech gadgetry allows the resort to control any chance of a further breakout. Stringent measures mean clients can relax in peace, knowing the industry has their best interest at heart.

Cautious Travel

Commercial airlines have two key components to think about when trying to kick-start the aviation industry. Firstly, governments throughout the world must be prepared to allow passengers to travel. Secondly, passengers must have the confidence to go.

The first problem has been solved, with most European countries and Russia opening their borders for now. Highly infected countries such as South America and some Asian and African nations remain closed.

The second problem is more challenging to solve and will require a lot of work to reassure the public in the long term. So the luxury travel industry turns to private aviation companies for collaboration. Unlike commercial flights, private aviation has seen an increase in demand, and the reason for this is simple.

Travellers want to minimise the risk to themselves and others, but still be able to get to their destination without delay, and still enjoying the luxury they have come to expect from private aviation.

Travelling by private charter jet enables you to relax and enjoy the experience. From the moment you walk through the efficient security systems, all the way to the separate terminal and luxury lounges, you know you’re in the hands of top-class professionals. 

When onboard, you’ll find that hygiene precautions are stringent giving flyers the peace of mind they have come to expect from a private charter.