The battery is the most important part of a smartphone and customers really look out for a phone that can be able to offer the best battery life possible. The more a battery lasts, especially in this era where a phone performs multiple functions, the better.

Battery life is especially important for people who are busy and don’t have the time to charge their phone all of the time. Also, no one wants to be that person who has to carry a phone charger all the time to keep their phone on.

An all day battery life is therefore essential especially for heavy users and busy people. The Infinix Hot 8 promises an all day battery life and it delivers just that.

The HOT 8 comes with a large 5000mAh non-removable battery. Other features the phone comes with include; Android 9 Pie OS, MT6761 (Hot 8) and MT6580 processors (Hot 8 Lite), 32GB Internal storage + 3GB RAM for the Hot 8 & 32GB Internal storage +2GB RAM for Hot 8 Lite. It also comes with a triple camera setup: 13MP + 2MP depth sensor + dedicated low light sensor, phase detection autofocus, and LED flash.

What the 5000mAh HOT 8 offers

On moderate use, I was able to get between 15-17 hours. This was this with the use of voice calls and Social Media apps such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and also WhatsApp. When I used it with battery saver turned on, I was able to add a few hours to push usage to around 19 hours. When I used till about 20% of the battery and then I turned on battery saver, that gave me an extra 2 hours with moderate use.

On heavy use that includes gaming, using multiple heavy apps and also voice calls on heavy rotation, I was able to get about 10 hours. This was pushed to 16 hours when I turned on battery saver. I tested it with videos and 1 hour of streaming videos just used up a paltry 10% of the charge. Video games drain the battery a bit more at 15% but even with that, it means that I was able to use the phone to do other things after.

With light use, the phone can go for a day without needing to charge. I experimented with leaving the phone on standby mode for 2 days with 40% charge and it lasted 2 and a half days before the battery drained.

Battery saver conserves the battery by turning off various services that work in the background. These services really drain the battery and when they turned off, the battery savings are incredible. To activate it, just go to the quick settings menu at the top or on the battery lab in settings.

Other than the battery saver, the phone comes with a few other settings that you can be able to use to extend the life of the battery. Smart power saving for instance, restricts power consumption by apps that are rarely used which will help extend battery life.

While the battery life is amazing, there are certain drawbacks. The phone takes too long to charge which is a disadvantage. It takes about two and a half hours for the battery to charge to 100%.

It would be better if the phone could charge a bit faster, especially for people who don’t have a lot of time to spare. However, if you remember and charge it overnight, you should be able to get full charge for use during the day. If you forget to charge it, then you may be forced to carry the charger around.


At the price it is being offered, Infinix Hot 8 has an amazing battery life and I would definitely recommend it for heavy users.

The two Hot 8 variants, HOT 8 and HOT 8 Lite are available for sale in INFINIX retail shops countrywide and online on XPark (formerly known as infinixmall) for a retail price of Ksh. 10,999 and Ksh. 9,999 respectively. In addition, a 32GB +3GB variant of HOT 8 is available exclusively on Jumia Kenya for Ksh. 11,899.