We hosted the Rubgy HapaKenya Quiz Night last night at Kengeles Lavington. 6 teams competed and after a heated 5 rounds, with 10 questions each, with Jedi Council emerging winners. The event was hosted by lifestyle influencer Mwende Ngao.

The Hapakenya Quiz Night has been hosted at Kengeles Lavington Green since October 2018.

The teams that participated and won on the night include:

  1. Jedi Council – Ksh. 10,000 –
  2. Stacy’s Mum – Ksh. 5,000
  3. Red Lion – Food voucher
  4. Team Kulman
  5. The Titans
  6. Team Vaim

Here are the questions and answers from the Rugby HapaKenya Quiz Night. It is important to note that team 2 and 3 tied and this lead to an extra round. Stacy’s Mum won the extra round to emerge as number 2 and relegate Red Lion to number 3.

Rugby HapaKenya Quiz Night

Category 1. Rugby World Cup

  1. How many teams compete in the Rugby World cup? – 20
  2. What is is the 2019 Rugby World Cup end date?  – November 2
  3. After how many years is the Rugby World Cup held? – 4 years
  4. Who were the 2007 winners ? – South Africa
  5. Who were the runners-up in 2007 – England
  6. Which country hosted the 1995 competition? – South Africa
  7. These countries have hosted and won the competition – South Africa and New Zealand
  8. This European countries who have hosted the competition have never won the competition – France, Wales, Scotland
  9. Which year did Kenya take part in the competition? – Never
  10. Which country has scored the most points in a game? Extra points for number of points and year – 145  by the All Blacks against Japan in 1995

Category 2: World Rugby Sevens Series

  1.  Kenya recorded its first tournament win in the World Rugby Sevens Series in which year? 2016
  2. Which team did Kenya beat in the final – Fiji
  3. In which year did Kenya start participating in the World Series – 1999
  4. How many teams compete in the series – 16
  5. Which Kenyan player has scored the most tries in the series? Extra points for number of tries – Collins Injera, 271 tries
  6. How many tournaments are in the series? – 10
  7. How many times have New Zealand won the series? – 12
  8. Which team won in the 2016-2017 season? – South Africa
  9. Which team was relegated in the 2017-2018 season – Russia
  10. Which team was promoted in the 2018-2019 season – Ireland

Category 3. Rugby in Kenya

  1. Which tournament began in the 2019 National Rugby Sevens tournament? – Kakamega Sevens
  2. These three stadiums have hosted the Safari Sevens tournament – RFUEA Grounds, Nyayo Stadium and Kasarani Stadium
  3. This country competes together with Kenya in the Elgon Cup? – Uganda
  4. In which year did the Victoria Cup take a 7 year hiatus? – 2012
  5. Which countries together with Kenya compete in the Victoria Cup? – Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe
  6. Which team won the Kenya Cup in the 2017-2018 season – KCB
  7. Which team has won the most titles in the Kenya Cup. Extra points for number of times – Nondescript, 17
  8. Teams from which countries can participate in the Enterprise Cup – Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda
  9. Who won the Enterprise Cup in 2014? – Nakuru
  10. Who were the Enterprise Cup runners-ups in 2016 – Kabras

Category 4: Players

  1. This players holds the record for most points overall in the Rugby World Cup – Jonny Wilkinson 277 points.
  2. This All Blacks player holds the record as the youngest player to appear in a final –   Jonah Lomu 
  3.  These two Kenyan players were both nominated for World Rugby Sevens Player of the Year in 2009 – Collins Injera and Humphrey Kayange 
  4. This player hold the record for the most all time tries in the World Sevens Series? – Dan Norton
  5. Who holds the record for the Top all-time appearances in the World Sevens Series? – DJ Forbes
  6. Which winger was nicknamed ‘Billy Whizz’, and scored England’s only try when the team won the rugby union World Cup in 2003? – Jason Robinson
  7. Who scored the winning drop goal in the 1995 world cup final? – Joel Stransky
  8. Who holds the record for most tries in one tournament in the Rugby World Cup – Bryan Habana, Jonah Lomu
  9. Who holds the record for most tries in a match by a player in th1e rugby World Cup ? – Marc Ellis
  10. Who is the youngest try scorer in a Rugby World Cup game?  – George North

Category 5: Trivia

  1. This Kenyan rugby player is also a food blogger – Dennis Ombachi
  2. In which season did South Africa join the sevens series as a host? -2004-2005
  3. This set piece play is used in the Rugby Union but does not feature in Rugby League? – Line out
  4. Which team won the 2007 Hong Kong Sevens? – Fiji
  5. This position in the team serves as a link between forwards and backs. They play an important role in scrums, lineouts, and a lot of plays. Who is it? – Scrumhalf
  6. In which olympics was the Rugby Sevens added ? – 2016
  7. Which team holds the record for the least points scored in the Rugby World Cup? – Uruguay
  8. What is the nickname for the Kenya National Rugby Union team? – Simbas
  9. What is the nickname of the Kenya Sevens National team – Shujaa
  10. The Kenyan Sevens National Team last won the Safari Sevens in which year? – 2016

Extra round 1

  1. In which year was the Safari Sevens tournament not held? – 2017
  2. Which Kenyan rugby player was part of the reality show Tusker Twende Kazi? – Humphrey Kayange
  3. Who were the runners-ups in the Kakamega Sevens 2019? – Homeboyz
  4. What are the dates for the 2019 Safari Sevens? – 18-20th October
  5. Who were the winners of the 2018 Safari Sevens? – Samurai

Extra round 2 

  1. When did the Safari Sevens return to RFUEA grounds? – 2018
  2. When was the last time the tournament was held at RFUEA before it returned? 
  3. Who is the coach of the Kenya national rugby sevens – Kevin Wambua