The PrideInn Hotel is set to host the 13th edition of Routes Africa, a mega international aviation conference. The conference aims at exploring and developing new routes to, from and within the African continent.

The conference is slated to take place from 8th – 10th December 2019 at PrideInn Paradise Beach Resort and Convention Centre in Shanzu, Mombasa. It has so far attracted over 250 delegates across the globe.

The Routes Africa conference programme brings together the world’s leading airlines CEOs, airports, and tourism authorities. They will discuss the future of aviation within Africa and the most pressing issues facing the travel and hospitality industry.

“Hosting this congress is another reassurance that Kenya’s Conference Tourism has become a major niche that requires full exploitation to grow and make the destination attractive for more mega conferences. Therefore, there is need to look into areas of development within the tourism sector to capture the opportunities in this ever growing industry. Kenya’s strategic proximity to Europe, Asia, Middle East, Americas and the rest of Africa makes it a profitable MICE destination.” According to PrideInn Paradise General Manager, Ann Peggy.

Routes Africa 2019 will be facilitated by Kenya Airports Authority (KAA). It is a state Corporation in charge of enhancing infrastructure for aviation services between Kenya and the outside world. The event will be supported by other Kenyan organizations, including the Kenya Tourism Board, the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority and Kenya Wildlife Services.